PetSmart Cambridge Injured My Dog And Lied About It‏

By L AuCoin

The PetSmart in Cambridge Ontario (Hespeler) Injured my Dog and lied (unsuccessfully) to cover it up.
I dropped my 7 mnth old dog off at 1:15 for her 1:30 appointment, they asked me to pick her up at 5 (beyond their 3 hour policy).
At 5:02 I cam to pick her up - the staff was acting very distant and weird, they said she “wasn’t fininshed” and to come back in 20 mins.
I returned, and the receptionist said I needed to see a manager. When asked why, she had indicated that my dog was clipped and was currently at the animal hospital. When I asked the girl when it happened she stated 20 mins ago. When I told her why she didn’t tell me when I was in the store - she said I needed to speak with the manager.
After finding out what hospital they were at, I immediately went to find my dog. As I arrived the PetSmart Staff and my dog were leaving the exam room, I tried to speak to the vet as to the specifics of the injury and to understand the care needed, but each time I asked a question - the PetSmart groomer would talk over me and say that the dog was fine and it was a minor cut. At this point I was escorted (with my dog) back to the store to speak with the Manager - Jennifer who was helpful and apologetic. She soulc not answer why if my dog was dropped off at 1:15 was she not ready by 5. It was now almost 6pm and my dog was still not finished. Additionally, why was I not called to inform me of the cut and/or why was I lied to about the dog not being finished vs. injured? Again she did not have an answer. I was however given a bag of dog food and a bag of treats. I left without a report from the vet or any further information. Later that night I was contacted by the Grooming Manag
er - Emily who apologized and handled the situation as best she could. I have received apologies from everyone except the groomer that cut my dog.
Cuts are going to happen - but not being notified, and essentially lied to are just NOT acceptable.

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    evilbon says...

    I cannot believe the unprofessionalism of this groomer and the other staff of the store. I do not leave my pet unattended with anyone, even the vet she has had for 12.5 years. I am sorry you had to go through this and I hope that your precious pet is not totally traumatized for life. I would return to the vet and inquire of the injury. I would suggest you contact head office and report the incident. I know that a simple apoligy is not enough but it is a start. Good luck!

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    dave says...

    I commend you for handling it so well, if they had cut my dog you can be damn sure I’d raise a fuss until the groomer was fired, I’d threaten lawsuits and everything. That’s terrible.

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    Rachel says...

    That’s why i dont bring my dog out for a bath or cut…I do it MYSELF…….even though I may not be as *professional* as the groomers… i just dont want to risk it …..

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    shadyman says...

    @PetSmartTLC on twitter, they’re really good. I’d just tweet them this URL and let them know.

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    lalita1985 says...

    Wow. That is insane and you were right to be angry.

    I once dropped my cat off to be groomed (which was done at my vets office) and I have NO idea what they did to my poor cat but he ended up having a stroke at the office which they didn’t even notice!!

    The groomer should have apologized and I think they should have given you MUCH more than some food and a bag of treats.

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    Zoe says...

    Holy crap! That’s insane. I cannot believe the Pet Smart groomer did not allow you to speak to the Vet. I would be furious. You should definitely go back to the animal hospital and demand to know what happened to your dog. You are the dog owner. The Vet must give you a full report about the extent of your dog’s injuries. Obviously the Pet Smart people have demonstrated some shady behavior and cannot be trusted.

    This is the reason I am fearful of changing dog groomers. Some of these people have no qualifications and lack professionalism.

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    Grizabella81 says...

    From my understanding its in the Petsmart policy that as soon as the decision that your dog needed to goto the vet you should have been contacted. All 6 of the Petsmart’s in Ottawa are extreamly good, compassionate, and comunicative. From all of the negative posts I have read about Petsmart seem to be in the Toronto area. If the higher ups are anything like the ones in Ottawa I would not be surprised if someone was fired due to not following policy. All of the groomers goto an acadamy so they are properly trained. If you want an answer goto the petsmart website to the contact section and put ina complaint. Put that you want an anwser from the District Manager and he/she will contact you.

    I hope for your shake that you persue this matter and can have closer on this terrible grooming experience.

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    crazycoupongirl says...

    WOW - terrible service.. so sorry for your dog, sounds like he/she is ok…which is a good thing.. i am glad u posted to warn others at least!

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    Kathie Douglas says...

    I’m so sorry you & your dog had to go through this. You must feel awful. Of course pets will get ‘nicked’ or ‘cut’ once in a while. My Toy Poodle was knicked behind her little front leg elbow the last time she was in for grooming. However, as soon as I went to pick her up the groomer (in a privately owned pet store) came out to talk to me. She appologized and took $10.00 off the cost of the visit. It was actually more of heavy graze than a cut. My dog is young and very jumpy so I don’t blame the groomer. Now, had she not told me I would have felt very differently. The groomer also told me she had made a note in the file to be extra careful. I truly appreciated that and will certainly continue to go to them.

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    Cheap says...

    Maybe Smart Canucks should create a new forum or section entitled: “Stores to Watch out for”?

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    Sara says...

    I’ve worked at a grooming salon. The only dogs that get clipped are dogs that are NOT trained or well behaved. They are dogs that are all over the place and are extremely hard to groom. Yes, clipping happens to even the best of groomers but trust, well behaved and trained dogs are not the ones that get clipped. Yes, I know where you are coming from but this whole situation would not have happened if the dog was trained.

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    Tanya says...

    I am a *Proffessional* Groomer, I have attended IA Academy. I am what is defined as a *Proffessional* I am not PetSmart academy trained, that is an instore-service.
    I have also opened a new PetSmart Salon and I can tell you there is no reason for a dog to ever be clipped. I have been grooming for 12 years and I have never clipped a dog! Caution, patience and a confident hand. Now I said I have never but I have been there when another young and new stylist sliced a chunk of the armpit out! And her take on it was Oh well it Happens!

    I am glad that you are an understanding person and forgiveness is in your nature but I feel as though you should have been called the instant vet care was needed or at least when the injury occured.

    PetSmart salons are not what they seem, all smiles and happy stylists, no they are not. I have witnessed cruelty and just pure meanness. “Always have a smile on your face and the pet parent will never notice you pinning the dog”

    Petsmart managers are trained relentlessly to schmoooze the customer, to make them feel as though they are heard but nothing is ever really done.
    I am no longer with PS because of the cruelty, the misleading and the reputation.

    As for the 3 hour stay, well one stylist is granted 3 dogs for the 3 hours meaning 1 hour per dog, meaning your dog sat in a kennel for at least 2 hours before it was handled.
    Did you know that if your dog as to elimate itself, it has to do it in the kennel and more then likely has to stay in it until it is handled.
    Or if you dog elimanates itself after being handled and needs to be rebathed then you are charged accordingly.

    Now with my ranting done, I will say this, the stylist should be held accountable, whether it be doing one dog less a day, and management should be reprimanded for trying to cover it up.

    Just my two cents and 3 rants.

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    Deanna says...

    To the OP- Can you tell me the first name of the groomer? I took my dog their and he had a different groomer who cut him up bad between the pads of his front paw.

    They didn’t even tell me he was cut(or rather chewed absolutely raw from the clippers) I noticed when I took him for a walk that he was walking funny and noticed the issue. I complained but nothing was ever done about it. Live and learn and don’t go back.

    Looking for a new groomer right now in Cambridge if anyone has any recommendations.

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    noel says...

    Star Mark

    I am not sure how to go about this. I bought two Everlasting Treat Ball’s’ Toys at PetSmart in Sudbury 3 yrs ago. I also been loading up on the chew rinds named “long lasting edible dental chew” medium. They are superb & my pet along with many others love them. as the store has trouble keeping them stocked up! This is the only store in Sudbury that carries them so I am stuck. Petsmart are always out of them, saying it is discontinued by the company every time I ask when the order is coming in or to be restocked .No one in the store seems to care. I care!!! as That is what I’ve been buying at 8.00 for 2 per pack/medium the last 3 yrs .They are not cheep either but the PetSmart don’t seem to care about this sale. Now i spent money on their 20.00 ball to fill with this rind ! I’ve been in to PetSmart periodically and suddenly here they pop onto the shelf like when-ever after PetSmart telling me they have been discontinued. There is never a sign up either for the reason they are not on the shelf, like discontinued or re-stock soon…nothing as to when .I have spoken to the manager same response a few times now “discontinued” I seem to wait like 8 months then the chew rind re-appears. I have also brought this to their attention & they look at me dumb-founded that I persist that this item shows up even after I have been told it has been discontinued.
    PetSmart is a very big Canadian chain & possibly is located in to the US market too. I was thinking, can you speak the PetSmart chairman get them re-routed in the right direction?
    You are welcome to forward this E mail. I give you my permission, let them know how UN-PROFESSIONAL PetSmart is by the way this consumer is being treated! I have shopped at the store since it’s opening a few years ago, now this is the way they vaguely think of my business purchases. I’m very un-happy with their services.They should not be lying to their customers about the products in the store. I sure hope you can help. I happen to be sitting on two expensive worthless dog toys that happen to need the filler inside to be of use to me. Hope PetSmart considers my complaint. Thank you very much. Noël

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    Laurie Foster says...

    Being that I am a groomer I can honestly tell all of you that a cut is ALWAYS going to be a risk in grooming. Whether you do it yourself or someone else does, the reality of it is that Sharp objects and dogs jerking at the most crucial times is risky.
    That being said, it rarely happens and seasoned groomers can anticipate when a dog is about to move.
    The fact that the groomer did not apologize is shameful and I know that if it had been me I would be crying my eyes out apologizing because even though its an accident its a really bad one and its scary for a dog.
    I would want to know if something happened to my dog as well, there is no excuse for the way you were treated, thats terrible.
    I have many clients who have left petsmart and called me.
    I suggest you find yourself an in home groomer. That way, you’re there and you know exactly whats going on. You’ll be happier and so will your dog.

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    Hiddleston, Tom says...

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    Olive Bolka says...

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    Nellie Samms says...

    Interesting article to come across. I also had an issue with Petsmart in Cambridge. My dog is extremely nervous - especially of water. I received a call to pick him up immediately - that he was being difficult and had pooped in their tub, etc. This groomer had groomed him a few times before so I really didn’t know what the problem was. Interesting enough, when I dropped him off, she was in a bad mood and I questioned whether I should leave him… When I picked up my dog, he was shaking, shivering and he was only partially groomed. He looked horrified as did I. Needless to say, I never returned. While reading these posts, I kept thinking about how lucky I was to find a groomer to come into my home and treat my dog as if he was hers. Then I noticed that my groomer had also had her say on this website. What a small world. Her name is Laurie Foster and if you are looking for a patient, sweet groomer - she’s your girl! My dog is afraid of a plastic bag flying around outside the door and everything else that moves. Laurie has spent an incredible amount of time with him to make him as comfortable as possible. I was worried about having someone in the house - normally I would rather bring the dog out to a groomer, do a few errands and pick him up. Laurie has a way of slipping into the house, grooming the dog and before you know it, he’s groomed! Another thing I now like about it is my dog can run around his own house in between the cut and the bath. It breaks up the time and he no longer has to wait in a crate. He goes into his own yard to have a quick pee, play with a toy or two, grab a drink of water and he’s set to go back to the laundry room to be finished. Her prices are great - very comparable to any grooming salon out there and you can tell she enjoys what she does. I try to book my appointments well in advance as she can get booked quite quickly and for good reason. However, she is worth the wait. I have on occasion had to wait a little longer (due to my own crazy schedule as well) but would never think to bring him elsewhere and undo all the good she has done.
    I’m not saying that every groomer at the store is bad, but I would never do the assembly line thing again. Your animal is worth it.
    Laurie’s information (which I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing) is:
    sorry, I don’t recall the name of her business - which is terrible of me… she has become Laurie and not a business.

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