PetSmart #2001, Ottawa, ON on Merivale Road‏

By Sandra

They sold me the wrong lizard!!! Was suppose to be a Mali Uromastyx and ended up being a Saharan Uromastyx.

And They say they just buy lizards from Registered Breeders? Really?!

I had probablems with lizard from day 1. I called saying he is not handleble, they told me give him 1 week. So I did, I call back again at 2 weeks saying its weird lizard is always hiding wacking its tail at me. I guess a manager, Ana, said it can take up to 1 month that I have to take the lizard every single day. I did as told and the lizard became worse! Funny how they kept on stalling me to wait and wait and gee, now too late to return the pet!!!

BE CAREFULL AT ANY PETSMART. You might not being buying what they are telling you!


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    Stephanie says...

    Stick to smaller chains when it comes to reptiles, Petsmart will hire anyone off the street without an ounce of knowledge which is cool for hamsters but terrible for reptiles. I call it the beginner petstore - beginner employees and beginner customers (yes, it was my first petstore job too until I realized how stupid the head office is). I actually quit after 2 years after an argument over how they were caring for the uromastyx.

    That being said, you should do your research before you buy an animal, not after. It’s not fair to the animal.

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    Stephanie says...

    PS - None of the animals come straight from the breeders except for the rodents/small animals. Reptiles and birds come from brokers/importers.

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