La Détente Meubles & Accessoire​s in Gatineau

By Dan

I went to their store to have an estimate made on a coach and loveseat that where damaged in a flooding because my insurance adjuster needed the approximate replacement price.
Once I got there the sales rep. was polite and made me an estimate according to the specifications of the damaged furniture as asked and I told her that I would come back to purchase the items once I get the approval from my insurance company.
Both loveseat and sofa where very high grade leather, which was mentioned to the saleswoman, but once I got back to buy the items, she told me the price was much higher and the model chosen was not made in this grade of leather!!!
She would NOT ADMIT that she made a mistake, did not offer to call my insurance to clarify the ‘huge difference in price” and did not even offer some type of compensation … no need to mention that I was furious and told her I would need time now to clarify the mistake to my insurance company.
By the way she did make sure to tell me that when I come back to be sure the sale is in her name or to check to see if she works the day I would come back!!!
Once I got home I wanted to check out the written estimate before sending it out to my insurer. Again, the price written down and price mentioned in store where different, a new mistake (she wrote down the total difference between a grade 3000 leather versus a grade 6000 was 50$ total…. which is in fact over 2500$ as mentioned in store… now again I couldn’t give this new estimate to my insurance…
I got fed up of going there so finally bought the set and extra furniture elsewhere and now the downside is I have to assume the price difference which is over 3000$ total having nothing to present to my insurer whom originally wanted me to go shop at Brault & Martineau, store that I do not shop in (Cheap, Cheap, no quality and horrible service type of store!!!) and if you ever have to deal with an insurer it is a real hassle to try to tell them that the price you had given them as an estimate suddenly doubled!!!

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    Annie says...

    What an awful experience, Dan! I will most certainly avoid that store. What a nuisance for you.

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