Did Not Get Flyer Advertised Price!- Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Mart‏

By Joy

Drove a little extra distance today to the new Terra Losa Shoppers Drug Mart at West Edmonton today for their Grand Opening Specials. When I got there I saw a sign at the front entrance with their grand opening specials. When I was inside I saw signs with the price that was advertised in their grand opening flyer so I got the items that I needed.
When I went to pay for my items, I was told that the price was not effective anymore even though there are still signs up everywhere. When I told the lady that the signs are still up, she just said ‘no’ those price are not effective anymore and she basically said that you are using the coupons anyways ( which she is trying to tell me that I am getting it cheaper already) When I got home I checked the date on the flyer. This is the exact quote from the flyer ” Prices and shoppers optimum bonus points in effect from Saturday March 6th until Friday, March 12th, 2010 while quantities last.” I check the date today on my calendar and it’s only March 8th! So I am going to go back tomorrow with my flyer and my receipt!
Also, when I left the store. I told the cashier and another staff that if the price are not effective anymore they should take the signs down. They barely acknowledge me and went back to talking about their break. Bad!
Most stores (ex. London Drugs) would honour their price on the signs even if the date has expired as long as the sign is up they will give it to you for that price. I don’t think i will be going back to this NEW store! So much for attracting customer to their new store!

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    thatgengirl says...

    Shoppers is part of the Scanning Code of Practice, so not only do they have to honor the flyer price, but they owe you $10 off as well.

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    lalita1985 says...

    Yep! That’s a SCOP! Make sure you get a full refund for that product!!

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    sally says...

    bring the flyer and your receipt in and SCOP each item. so if you bought 2 gums 1 is free the other is price adjusted, and you can do this free scop one for every item they ripped u off of! Also call head office!

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    cheryl says...

    all the above are correct on the “scanning code of practice” as my parents owned a grocery store so I learned this from them. Bring your flyer and receipt and ask for the manager. If they refuse to refund you for the scanning code of practice call the 1-800 number. this only applies if the actually participate in the scanning code of practice. Good Luck!!

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    dave says...

    Hey JOY let us know how it went!! I hope you got your money back and an apology from those crooks!!!!

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    Katty says...

    Funny, the other day I bought some cotton cosmetic pads and they forgot to change the on sale sign on them (the price scan came up more expensive). They still honored the lower price? Different SDM location… and since they were very polite I didn’t bring up the SCOP thing.

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    Sean Culligan says...

    I tried to redeem a $25 Gift certificate purchsed in 2002 but because it will not scan at the store I am getting the royal runaround. Call the 800 number, fax it in, have manager call it in, etc. I still have the thing and feel frustrated and ripped off. The certificate has all of the markings of a CIBC cheque. Any advise?

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    jeff remple says...

    dont bother to complain to the 1800 number they just say its unfortunate,that was my experience anyways.i did get some shoppers points after being a polite but persistent complainer,good luck in the future.

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