Yoga Journal False Advertising‏

By Gord

Chapters Calgary Dalhouise, Yoga Journal BIG ad on the front “Free DVD Sampler” . Bought the mag, took it home, tried to order the DVD, Nope! Must a US resident. Mag had “Canada” on the UPC. I tried to order with a US address, Nope! Tried 4 different Email’s nobody wants anything to do with the problem. Pass the buck all the way to “e-mail delivery status: Ignored”

Little research shows me that mini mag was issued in 2008 US wide. Guess they figured they could flog the extras to the northern peons.

False Adverstising Claim about to be filed I think.

3 Responses to “Yoga Journal False Advertising‏”

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    Stahr says...

    Who are you e-mailing?
    If it is the store you are probably out of luck as all magazines no matter where you but them are third party vendors.

    Unfortunately there probably was some very small fine print somewhere on or in the magazine stating that the dvd is for US residents. So they are most likely protected.

    If no one from the magazine is trying to resolve the issue, try seeing if they have a FB page and contact them there. Just remember kindness goes a long way in these situations.

    Good luck!

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    Big Bob says...

    So you bought the magazine to get a “free” dvd? Yep sounds about right.

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    Gord says...

    I didn’t buy the magazine JUST for the DVD, but it certainly made it more attractive.

    I e-mailed two published email address’s and one more that someone sent that came back as “still trying to deliver your email”

    Yes I was very nice, but after 6 emails and every dept saying “that’s not our problem” my kindness kinda ran out. So I went and did some Yoga.

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