Flowers Across America ‏Didn’t Deliver

By Mnewstead

I ordered a gift basket for a friend in the states, I asked for it to be delivered on July 31st ( his birthday) and even paid extra to have to delivered that day. In total I was charged around $81.00 for the gift basket. It never showed up. I called on August 2nd to find out what went on, and who was responsible for the mix up. The women I talked to was RUDE, I did not get an apology from her and she was yelling at me over the phone. I asked her who was responsible for the mistake because I would like to find out what happened. She said it was her company’s mistake and that she was the manager. When I told her I was unhappy with what had happened and asked what was going to be done for me she said “I already told you I was giving you the money back and cancelling the order and that is all I’m doing.”

I think I should have received my refund without the hassle she gave me, and also I think the product should have been sent to my friend and no charge to me. I cannot believe the way this “manager” talked to me. Find another website to order your flowers/gift baskets from; this company is a waste of time.

PS. I’m STILL waiting for the money to be put back on my credit card.

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    Ashley says...

    Wow what horrible customer service! I would dispute the charge with your credit card company. They are usually really good about giving you a refund on your credit card in these kinds of situations. Hope you get it resolved!

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    Sally888 says...

    This happened to me with Teleflora! We ordered flowers for my mother in law for mothers day about $100 worth and she never called to say thanks or anything so we called her and she never got anything!

    Nor did I get a notification that they werent delivered or a refund!

    I had to call and wait on hold for an hour and got some lame excuse that it was out of the delivery area, even though it confirmed it was deliverable AND the teleflora store is 10 doors dowwn from her!

    All they did was refund my money, no apology nothing. If this had been for a funeral or something I might of never found out that my flowers were not delivered! What a sham.


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